Life Coaching is the practice of guiding you in the discovery of your true values by helping to identify and clear away obstacles such as fear, procrastination and perfectionism. By asking the right questions, holding space and challenging you beyond your comfort zone, I will work with you to create the roadmap to achieve your goals.

Unlike traditional therapy, we don’t dive into your past or subconscious but rather start with the now and begin moving forward with the aim of making positive changes in your life.

“I was hesitant to hire a life coach but got sessions for my birthday. So, I found Anna but was unsure how she could help me more than the therapy that I’ve done. I was pleasantly surprised! We looked at my issues from a different angle than I’ve looked at them before and I have actions to take to change my thoughts and behaviors. I’m very pleased and feel I’m on right track to accomplish my goal by the end of 2021. Thanks Anna!!!!”
-Tonia, Corporate Professional & Mom


  • An effective life coach will create an experience to help you find your own answers.

  • Life coaches employ a process along with the proven tools to help you get new results.

  • Great life coaches transformed their life first. 

Who Chooses Life Coaching?

who chooses life coaching

Life Coaching is for highly functional people who are looking for a break through in their life.  It is for people who are willing to risk their comfort zone and learn the habits to create healthy thought processes that drive action.  You just need concrete steps to break through.


  • Building your new step-by-step life after divorce.

  • Finding your purpose and running with it.

  • Creating a road map to everyday fulfillment.

  • Getting past the fantasy of perfectionism.