Divorce knocked the wind out of you. It wasn’t something you ever expected to go through. For a while you treaded water, went to work, tended to kids, maybe even filled the void with social activities. You were moving along focused on healing until you realized that NOW you are ready to say goodbye to survival and welcome a new loving relationship!

Hi! I’m Anna, a certified life coach with hundreds of hours of experience and success stories.

My coaching practice is focused on helping women who want to rebuild confidence and be in a happy relationship after divorce.

In just 3-4 months you will:

✅ Create a clear vision for your future relationship and begin taking action
✅ Discover your core values to understand yourself better and create a roadmap for fulfilling life
✅ Identify your ideal partner profile so you will recognize him instantly when you meet
✅ Learn what distinguishes boyfriend material from a husband material
✅ Develop your winning online dating process and become successful at it
✅ Learn to manage mind to overcome fears, old ineffective thinking patterns and limiting beliefs
✅ Bring back the healthy confidence and self-esteem to meet the best partner for you

Anna’s approach is flexible and individualized. I saw results by our third session together and often refer back to my notes and the tools she taught me to continue with self-coaching on my own. I recommend Anna to anyone who already has the inspiration to reach their goals, but is looking for the guidance to see past obstacles and help with discipline to follow through.
-Anne, Radio Show Host & Entrepreneur